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    Benefits of Canada


    Canada Work Visa Consultants In Dubai

    Canada is a country that holds cultural harmony and welcomes talented foreigners. It is a dream for many capable immigrants to find a desired occupation in Canada. However, obtaining a work permit in Canada from Dubai and a visa for Canadian entry can take time and effort.

    It can be confusing to apply yourself since there are various rules and regulations in place. The type of visa or permit you apply for depends upon the nature of the visit and the jobs you intend to pursue.

    To simplify your process, DM Immigration Consultants are rated as the best Canada work visa consultants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. We work with professional ICCRC-registered consultants in Dubai. To get closer to achieving your dreams, schedule a free consultation with our immigration experts.

    Choose Your Canada Work Permit Type


    Foreign skilled workers need a valid job offer letter from a Canadian employer. The employer files a work permit application for a foreign recruit to the government of Canada with a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) document. The outside professionals can work in Canada with Employer Specific Work Permits for three years.


    An Open Work Permit in Canada allows job seekers to work for any employer without a job offer. The Canadian government issues this temporary permit after considering the candidate’s specific occupation, skills, educational qualifications, language proficiency, and other relevant factors.

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      Overview Of Work Permit For Canada From UAE

      Canada has flexible criteria for immigration and is welcoming towards overseas workers. The government lists in-demand occupations in the National Occupation Classification (NOC) requiring a work permit, but some exemptions exist. Most skilled workers need a job offer supported by an LMIA document to obtain a Canadian work permit visa.

      It’s important to understand that a work permit for Canada from UAE allows you to stay in the country and pursue jobs for a specified amount of time. A visa is required to enter the country.

      Depending on your nationality, you may be issued a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA). You’ll need a TRV to work in Canada if you’re a UAE resident. Work permits can also act as Canadian immigration application pathways for PR. Canadian work experience improves PR chances. Canadian jobs are competitive and offer an ideal work-life balance and endless career growth opportunities.

      Features Of Work Permit Canada From UAE

      Canada is renowned for its safety, political stability, multiculturalism, civil liberties, gender equality, quality education, healthcare facilities, and sustainability objectives. Due to Canada’s vast geographical area and low population density, there is substantial demand for foreign labour, which has resulted in a thriving economy and society.

      It is among the best destinations for immigration, and in recent years, immigration levels to the country have increased. Immigration aids in social development Canada. Temporary work permits are available to business people, students, and temporary workers. IRCC processed over 1,556,000 work permits in 2023 compared to 1,045,000 in 2022. A work permit Canada from UAE offers numerous benefits, including:

      Canada Work Permit From Dubai Requirements

      Eligibility requirements vary depending on the field and type of employment contract. But in general, you must fulfil the following Canada Work Permit From Dubai requirements and also from Abu Dhabi and Sharjah:

      Documents Required For Work Permit

      A skilled foreign worker requires a legal permit to work in Canada and a genuine visa for entry. The necessary documents required are as follows:

      Supporting Documents for Canadian work visa 

      How Do You Apply for a Work Visa in Canada?

      The steps involved in the application process for a Canada Work Permit Visa are stated as follows:

      An Employer Issues a Valid Job Contract for senior positions or junior levels And Applies For an LMIA Document.

      Arrange The Required Documents To Get Eligible For Open Work Permit,

      The Candidate Can Now Apply For A Canada Visa Application From Dubai Via The IRCC Website Or At the Canadian Visa Office responsible

      Attend The Interview If Required And Submit Biometric Data To Prepare To Immigrate To Canada With A Working Visa In Canada

      Satisfy Canada Border Services Agency Norms to Enter Canada

      Why Select DM Consultants In Dubai To Work In Canada?

      Canada has many immigration pathways, which include the government’s immigration programs and employer-driven immigration programs: Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, and the Quebec Immigration Program. Interested candidates with temporary job offer can work temporarily with positive LMIA apply to become permanent residents. We, as registered immigration consultants and through our network, help you find job opportunities as per your job description by getting in touch with Canadian employers and hiring agencies willing to hire foreign workers.

      Seek guidance on how to migrate as truck drivers, restaurant managers, project managers, etc. You can apply for the temporary resident first program and then get PR through Ontario Immigration, Nova Scotia Immigration, and other programs of different provinces. Employer hires can get you TRV, then PR, and make you eligible for citizenship in Canada.

      We have years of expertise in successfully handling thousands of Canadian work visa applications for foreign nationals. We help foreign nationals working temporarily in Canada and international graduates bring family members and dependent children to Canadian provinces. We make the lengthy process of immigrating to Canada simple and help successful candidates prepare for visa interviews with the visa officer.


      Canada Work Permit Visa Roadmap

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      UAE residents require a valid work permit to pursue a career in Canada. Canada grants a TRV or an eTA, depending on the nationality. The UAE residents generally require TRV, an official document an officer gives. eTA is an electronic document linked to passport holders from visa-exempt countries. Both documents indicate that the holder can enter Canada as a temporary resident.
      You need a valid employment offer in Canada to be eligible for a work permit. A job offer must be valid and meet specific criteria for certain work permit applications for successful approval. The applicant’s occupation must be from a listed occupation and supported by an LMIA document or exempt from requiring an LMIA. You need a valid offer from an authorised specific Canadian employer. The applicant doesn’t require a job offer for an Open Permit and can work for a limited time without disclosing an employer in Canada but needs to fulfill eligibility criteria.

      The employment offers can be of two types:

      • A designated employer in Canada can make a temporary offer for six months, one year, etc. Individuals can only start working after getting a Temporary Work Permit. 
      • A permanent employment offer is for an unspecified time. Foreigners can start working after getting an Immigration Visa in Canada.
      Yes. A candidate can apply for a Temporary Permit separately or along with a visa application for Canada Immigration. IRCC is aware that candidates want to work in Canada temporarily to translate it into a long-term feature of working and settling in Canada.
      Working in Canada has many advantages. Workplaces offer safety & security, and all employers follow professional labour laws in Canada to ensure the well-being of their employees. Canadian pay scales are also competitive, and foreigners, by law, are required to offer equal wages to all their employees in Canada. Some types also authorise the spouse and children of overseas applicants to accompany them to Canada. You can also become eligible to gain permanent residence in Canada.
      Canadian work permits are usually valid for 1-2 years, and there may be some exceptions. The actual duration of the work permit can also depend on the passport validity, LMIA document, and the employee’s employment contract.
      A candidate must search for a job if there is no employment offer. However, Canada has made various essential resources available online to help skilled foreign workers find a specific occupation. We at DM Consultants also provide job assistance as part of our complimentary post-landing services through our tie-ups with recruitment agencies in Canada.