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    Benefits of Canada

    Why Visit Canada?

    Canada Visit Visa Dubai Consultants

    Are you planning a short-term but memorable visit to Canada? You require a valid visa to enter Canada and stay if you hold a UAE passport or residence permit. The Canadian Government issues Canada visas to foreign nationals who want to visit the country temporarily. The visa can be used for personal, business meetings, or tourism purposes. You can’t work or study in Canada with this visa. You can visit with dependents like a spouse, common-law partner, and children.

    However, applying for a Canada visit visa in the UAE is not easy, as there are specific terms to adhere to, as per the Canadian immigration department. To receive your Canada visitor visas smoothly, also known as temporary resident visas (TRV), you can get help from DM Immigration Consultants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. We can help you obtain a Canada visit visa in Dubai through a cost-efficient and accelerated process.

    Categories Of Canada Tourist Visa from Dubai

    Tourists can apply for a Canadian tourist visa from Dubai online, either for single entry or multiple entry purposes. Depending on a background check takes one month to one year to process. Foreign nationals exempted from acquiring a Canadian visa require an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to tour or transit. United Arab Emirates citizens need eTA to travel to Canada for the short term. The IRCC automatically considers all Canada visit visa UAE applicants for multiple entries and issues them based on their situation.


    This visa gives entry permission to Canada multiple times during a specified period until the visa expiry is due. It allows foreign travellers numerous entries and will enable them to stay up to six months within the Canada visa validity period. The visa is usually valid for up to ten years or until 1 month before the passport’s expiration date, whichever is shorter. It is essential to enter Canada before the visa expiry date.


    The single-entry visa allows tourists to enter Canada only once. It permits travellers to enter Canada only once. This type of visa is typically granted to those eligible for a visa application fee exemption. It has a limited purpose for visiting Canada, such as an official visit by a foreign national or participation in a one-time special event. Approved country-specific procedures or guidelines may be available at a nearby visa office.

    Features Of Canada Tourist Visa from UAE

    The Canada Tourist Visa from UAE lets you see all the renowned tourist places in this North American country. It has one of the longest ski seasons, many UNESCO World Heritage sites, and some of the most exciting wonders of nature, like Niagara Falls. The country has enormous art and culture; locals are warm and gracious toward tourists.

    The fantastic outdoors, delicious food and drink options, and unforgettable wildlife make it more attractive. You can also explore multicultural cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, etc., the Yukon’s northern lights, and the Rocky Mountains. National parks offer driving and camping options as the main attractions.

    The number of non-resident air arrivals in Canada surpassed the pre-pandemic level for the first time. It was 519,500 in February 2024, up 23.0% year over year. Apply for a valid Canada visa through DM Immigration Consultants assistance, see the famous Niagara Falls CN Tower, and experience the advanced country’s beat and technological advancement.


    Eligibility Criteria For Canada Visa

    The eligibility criteria for Canada visa application from the CIC website (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) or at the Canadian embassy in Abu Dhabi and Consulate General in Dubai are as follows:
    Eligibility Criteria For Economic Immigration

    How Can DM Help You Secure Your Canada Visa From Dubai?

    To travel to Canada from Dubai, the applicant’s passport serves as a valid travel document. Know the visa category and intended date of travel, arrange the documents and visa application form online or at the visa application centre with the visa processing fee receipt. Submit the biometric details and wait for the decision.

    Applying for a TRV from a foreign country requires knowledge and precision. The authorities may only accept the application with accurate information or details. Getting help from a professional consultant is always advised. With a qualified team of experienced agents, DM Immigration Consultants offers personalised services that make your journey simple and hassle-free when obtaining a Canada tourist visa from UAE.

    Our ICCRC-registered tourist or visit visa agent can complete visa formalities for Canada from the UAE within four weeks by following a budget-friendly and tailor-made process. The overall charges differ due to fluctuations in foreign exchange. Our services:

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      You must know the eligibility criteria and apply online for a Canada visa or visit the authorised centre to start the process. Fill out the application accurately, pay fees, arrange the required documents, and follow the process for a Canada visitor visa. You can enter the country to visit your friends and family, tourism, attend business meetings and conferences, participate in a competition or non-profit projects, or receive medical treatment. Seek help from registered consultants to know suitable visa types, professional assistance in application filing & documentation, and legal support.
      Typically, The Processing Time Will Take At Least One Month, Depending On The Background Check And Other Requirements. There Will Be A Delay If There Are Any Documentation Issues, Which Can Take Even A Year. Getting Help From A Professional Agent In Dubai Can Help You Get The Approval On Time.
      To apply for any Canadian Visa, you must have genuine travel purposes and sufficient funds to bear travel expenses. A Canadian visitor visa can be a short-term business visa for company meetings and conferences, a leisure visa for meeting family and friends, tourism, medical, and other purposes. Fill out the application form and arrange all the required and additional documents for a short-term stay in Canada. This is to maintain proper visitor records.
      Maintaining a minimum bank balance is optional for a Canada Visitor Visa application, but keeping above CAD 5000 in your account is recommended. Applicants must pay a processing fee of $CAN 100 per person, which covers the application’s cost. Biometrics processing is usually required, typically costing $CAN 85. This fee is generally nonrefundable, even if your application is denied. If you are seeking professional assistance, their consultation charges will be extra.
      Background checks are crucial to any application process, as they help to verify critical information about an individual’s history and character. However, the time it takes to complete these checks can vary greatly depending on the individual and the nature of the application. On average, background checks take between one and two months to complete, but this can fluctuate depending on the complexity of the case and the availability of information. Sometimes, a background check may be completed in just one week; in others, gathering all necessary data may take a year or more.