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    Why Saskatchewan Immigration?

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    Are you considering a move to Saskatchewan province in Canada? You’ll be pleased to know that it has a robust economy, plenty of job openings, offering competitive salaries, and an excellent quality of life for immigrants. Candidates with the required skills and keen to make Saskatchewan their permanent home can apply through the Provincial Nominee Program in Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

    DM Consultants Dubai can help make your migration journey easier and faster. Our ICCRC-certified consultants will explain the process and help you to get successful approval for a suitable immigration program. Schedule a complimentary consultation session with our experienced team today to learn more about the process.

    Categories of Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

    The regional government nominates foreigners to apply for permanent residency in Canada through Saskatchewan PNP pathways. Saskatchewan, Canada, administers many SINP streams to attract skilled immigrants categorised into three streams:

    International Skilled Worker

    This program is designed for skilled workers from other countries who want to live and work in Saskatchewan. Several subcategories under the SINP allow international skilled workers to apply for a provincial nomination, which can help them obtain permanent residency in Canada. These sub streams include the Tech Talent Pathway stream, Employment Offer stream, Occupation In-Demand stream, Saskatchewan Express Entry stream, and Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot stream.

    Saskatchewan Work Experience

    Are you a foreign national residing in Saskatchewan with a valid work permit? If so, you may be eligible for the Saskatchewan Work Experience program. This program includes six subcategories: Health Professionals, Projects in Hospitality Sector, Semi-skilled Agriculture Workers with Existing Work Permits, Skilled Workers with Existing Work Permits, Students who have recently graduated and Long-Haul Truck Driver Projects.


    Foreign entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan looking to start or invest in a business in the province can benefit from this stream. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the particular SINP stream. Wait for an invitation to apply (ITA), depending on your profile score. Once invited by the province, you can launch or expand business and get a nomination from the province. The SINP also has streams for international graduate entrepreneurs and farm owners/operators.
    If you want to immigrate to Saskatchewan, we can help you find the program that best suits your needs. Our team of qualified consultants can provide professional support to help you choose the right stream based on your credentials.

    Overview of SINP Canada

    The SINP Canada program attracts highly skilled workers with in-demand job experience, job offers, and successful entrepreneurs who can establish and manage their businesses in Saskatchewan. Recently, the Canadian federal government increased the number of SINP nominations by 42%. For 2023, Saskatchewan received the largest allocation in the program’s history, with 7,250 requested nominations, translating to around 18,000 immigrants, including nominees, spouses, and dependents. The province’s expected allocation in 2024 is 8,000 nominees and 8,500 in 2025 through this Canada PNP program.
    On June 8, 2023, Saskatchewan Canada held its sixth EOI draw, issuing Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for 500 candidates in the pool. Most candidates received invitations through the Express Entry stream, while the rest were through the SINP Occupation in-demand stream. Both streams invited individuals with specific NOC codes and a minimum score of 69. The previous invitation rounds for the year were held on February 16, March 23, April 20, May 3, and May 18, and all invited candidates had an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). Since April 20, 2023, the SINP draw has doubled its ITAs by inviting over 1000 candidates in three separate Expression of Interest (EOI) draws until May 2023. Candidates interested in obtaining Canadian permanent residency through the Saskatchewan PNP nomination must submit an EOI through the SINP online portal to get SINP login credentials. The program application and correspondence are managed through the SINP’s online application system, OASIS.
    Eligibility Criteria For Economic Immigration

    Eligibility Criteria for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

    Generally, you must have at least 60 assessment points, demonstrate settlement funds and a settlement plan, meet language requirements, obtain an ECA, clear criminal record, and have no significant health concerns. Specific SINP eligibility criteria depend on the immigration stream you are applying for:

    International Skilled Worker Stream

    Experience Stream

    Entrepreneur or Farmer Stream

    Key Features of the Saskatchewan Immigration from Dubai, Abu Dhabi

    Saskatchewan is known for its cultural diversity, agricultural production, and abundant opportunities. Saskatchewan, known as Sask or SK, is home to Regina and Saskatoon, two major Canadian cities. It boasts rich resources, including one-third of the world’s potash and a fifth of its uranium. It is also the fifth-largest oil producer in North America. The Immigration Saskatchewan program supports the province’s economy and labour demands. Saskatchewan offers various job vacancies in health, management, engineering, trades, construction, oil and gas, mining, farming, agribusiness, sales, IT, internships, and student jobs.
    Saskatchewan Immigration from Dubai is made easy by the straightforward application process. The factors that encourage UAE residents to immigrate to Saskatchewan include:

    SINP Points calculator

    To qualify for the Saskatchewan PNP, a candidate should register a minimum of 60 points on the points grid out of the total available 110 points. The Saskatchewan PNP point calculator considers two factors:

    Education and Training

    Max points: Doctorial or Masters degree (Canadian equivalency). 23 Min points: Brief program (less than 2 years) with Canada equivalency at a college, Saskatchewan university, trade or technical training school, or other post-secondary institution: 12

    Skilled Work Experience

    Work experience in the five years before the application submission date. Max points (Five years): 10 Min points (one year): 2 b. In the 6-10 years before the application submission date. Max points (5 years): 5 Min points (2 years): 2

    Language ability

    a) First Language Test (English or French) Max Points (CLB 8 or higher): 20 Min Points (CLB 4): 12 b) Second Language Test (English or French) Max Points (CLB 8 or higher): 10 Min Points (CLB 4): 2


    Max points (22 – 34 years): 12 Min Points (18 – 21 years and 46 – 50 years): 8

    Factor 2: Connection to Saskatchewan Labour Market & Adaptability

    Employment Offer subcategory

    High-skilled job offer from a Saskatchewan employer 30

    Occupation In-Demand and Saskatchewan Express Entry subcategories

    Close family relatives in Saskatchewan: 20
    Past work experience in Saskatchewan: 5
    Past student experience in Saskatchewan: 5

    Documents Required for Saskatchewan PNP Application

    To apply for the PNP Canada program in Saskatchewan, you will need to gather and provide several documents:
    Documents Required

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      Are you looking to immigrate to Canada via the SINP? Though the process is simple, it requires a lot of legal expertise, knowledge, and follow-up. Hiring a licensed ICCRC consultant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah is essential to save time and money. They will guide you through the application process, help you arrange the necessary documents, fill out the application form, and create an impressive Express Entry and SINP profile. You can also benefit from free IELTS training. Sign up for a complimentary session with our Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah to learn more about the Saskatchewan PNP application process.

      Application Process for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

      Individuals can apply for a Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program in easy steps.

      Check eligibility, score a minimum of 60 points, and fulfill all formalities

      Use SINP login to submit an EOI

      Get ITA and provide all the relevant details

      Receive a nomination from the province

      Apply with IRCC to get a Canada PR


      Saskatchewan Immigration Roadmap

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      Frequently Asked Questions on Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Programs

      • Physicians, nurses, and other health professionals
      • Food and beverage servers
      • Long haul truck driver
      • Cooks & kitchen helpers
      • Sales associates

      To be eligible to apply for Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Programs, you should be skilled in performing the in-demand jobs listed on National Occupational List (NOL).

      While applying for Saskatchewan PNP may seem uncomplicated, there is a higher chance of getting your application denied if the application is not submitted appropriately. So, it’s advised to get professional support from us. We have over a decade of experience helping thousands of immigrants migrate to their dream country.
      • Skilled Worker with Existing Work Permit
      • Semi-Skilled Agriculture Worker with Existing Work Permit
      • Long-Haul Truck Driver Project
      • Students
      • Health Professionals
      • Hospitality Sector Project

      Yes! Saskatchewan is the ideal place to migrate as it provides:

      • High standard of living
      • Affordable living options
      • Better wages
      • Plenty of job opportunities
      • Growing economy
      The majority of Saskatchewians are bilingual and speak English and French. To be eligible to apply for a Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program, you need to be proficient in English or French with a Canadian Language Benchmark of 4 points.