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    Benefits of Canada

    Why New Brunswick?

    New Brunswick PNP Consultants Dubai

    Are you planning to migrate to New Brunswick in Canada? You can do that through New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program. This Canada PNP program allows people to apply for permanent residency in New Brunswick. It is designed to make it easier for immigrants with the skills and experience needed in the province to find work, address labour shortages, and add to economic growth.

    For all your Canadian immigration needs, including expert advice on the NBPNP program, turn to DM – the best immigration consultant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Our skilled, ICCRC-registered consultants at DM Immigration Consultant will assist you in the entire application process for securing Canada PR through NBPNP. Contact us today or schedule a FREE consultation with our consultants!

    New Brunswick PNP Streams

    The government of New Brunswick has several immigration programs offered through PNP Canada. They provide various immigration streams to obtain a nomination certificate for Canadian permanent residency.

    New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream

    It is meant for people who don’t originally belong to New Brunswick but have the necessary skills, education, and work experience that can help the province’s economy. To qualify for New Brunswick Skilled Worker, applicants must meet specific requirements, have a legitimate job offer within the province, and plan to reside and work there for a significant duration.

    New Brunswick Express Entry Stream

    The New Brunswick Express Entry is designed for individuals with the necessary work experience, skills, and qualifications to work in a high-demand occupation in NB. This stream is linked to the Canada Express Entry system. It can enhance chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence in Canada from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) after submitting an Expression of Interest.

    New Brunswick Business Immigration Stream

    The New Brunswick Business Immigration Stream is an economic immigration option for skilled entrepreneurs who wish to start, run, and oversee a business in New Brunswick. To qualify, you must meet specific criteria regarding age, language proficiency, education, personal net worth, business experience, and business concept during the EOI process.

    New Brunswick Strategic Initiative Stream

    The New Brunswick Strategic Initiative Stream is designed for skilled workers fluent in French who have relevant work experience and wish to work and settle in New Brunswick on a permanent basis. INB (Immigration New Brunswick) encourages and assists Francophone individuals to the Atlantic province.

    You can join New Brunswick information session online and contact us to know which stream is best suitable as per your requirements.

    Atlantic Immigration Program

    Four provinces including New Brunswick provide an alternative route to obtain permanent residency in Canada under this Atlantic program. It is for foreign workers with specialised skills and international graduates who have completed their studies at a post-secondary institution in the Atlantic region of Canada and wish to work and settle in New Brunswick. The program assists designated companies in recruiting skilled and qualified candidates to fill job vacancies that have yet to be filled locally.

    NB Critical Worker Pilot Program

    It is for five years and aims to solve labour gaps in various sectors and regions within the province. The New Brunswick critical worker Pilot was designed to attract skilled foreign workers to fulfill high-demand positions in New Brunswick that may take longer to fill.

    New Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program

    This program is designed for international graduates in NB who possess the necessary education, skills, and relevant work experience to add to the economy and permanently live and work in the country. Graduates from select one-year and two-year programs in Education and Social Development, IT and Cybersecurity, Health, Business Administration, Supply Chain, and Logistics can pursue careers in priority occupations.

    Overview of New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

    New Brunswick PNP is an easy way for immigrants to obtain permanent residence in Canada. New Brunswick, located in Canada’s Atlantic region, offers a lower cost of living and abundant job opportunities due to its large area but small population. The program is organised in collaboration with the Canadian Federal Government, enabling the Government of New Brunswick to nominate candidates who have the potential to establish themselves and boost the province’s image.

    This economic immigration program is tailored to attract foreign nationals to live, work, and settle in Canada, New Brunswick, the most promising province of Canada, runs its New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program. This PNP program allows the provincial government to nominate candidates for Canada PR with the potential skills, experience, and eligibility to establish their presence in the New Brunswick province. To be eligible for this stream, candidates must meet the eligibility requirements, have a valid job offer from an NB employer, and be willing to live and work in the province for a long time.

    As a skilled foreign professional, you can explore exciting job opportunities, diverse cultures, and a fantastic lifestyle in New Brunswick through the Canada PNP program. If nominated for immigration through the Brunswick program, you can quickly obtain Canada permanent residence from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

    Features of New Brunswick Immigration from Dubai

    Immigrants mostly prefer to relocate to New Brunswick, as it offers an enjoyable, relaxed, healthy, and affordable lifestyle with better access to healthcare and education systems. New Brunswick welcomes immigrants with open arms by providing an excellent pathway to Canada PR through New Brunswick PNP Programs. Most immigrants prefer to migrate to New Brunswick, as many job opportunities are available. The province also offers a high quality of life with affordable housing, excellent health care and education systems, and clean air and water. It also has one of Canada’s lowest crime rates. New Brunswick’s economy is diverse, with strong agriculture, forestry, fisheries, tourism, and energy industries. The New Brunswick Immigration from Dubai is a good opportunity for skilled professionals seeking to work and live in a diverse and multicultural society. As Canada’s only bilingual province, approximately 30% of its population speaks French as their first language. The province offers a range of industries, including forestry, agriculture, technology, mining, manufacturing and with the northern region having the highest concentration of metals such as zinc and lead.
    The provincial government is actively inviting newcomers to the province to support its economic development. 4,219 people were added to New Brunswick’s population in the fourth quarter of 2022. The province announced in April that the federal government had increased its immigration allocation by 67%. The NBPNP and the Atlantic Immigration Program have 5,500 spots allocated for provincial economic immigration programs in 2023.

    New Brunswick PNP Calculator

    Like other PNP programs, New Brunswick Canada picks the candidate whose New Brunswick PNP score is at least 67 points on the New Brunswick immigration points calculator grid.

    Selection Factor

    Education & Training

    Under Family Sponsored Stream

    Under Business Visitor Visa

    Education & Training

    Under Family Sponsored Stream

    Under Business Visitor Visa


    Connection to New Brunswick

    Employment in NB

    New Brunswick PNP Eligibility

    To get eligible for Canada PR nomination under New Brunswick PNP, applicants must satisfy the following eligibility criteria under different immigration streams:
    If you have a job offer, the Atlantic Immigration Program may be the easiest pathway to obtaining permanent residency in Canada. You can learn more about the eligibility requirements of Atlantic High-Skilled Program, Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program, and other streams by contacting DM, the best immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada.
    Eligibility Criteria For Economic Immigration
    Documents Required

    Documents Required for New Brunswick PNP Program

    To be successful under NBPNP, you need to show the following documents:
    If you have a job offer, the Atlantic Immigration Program may be the easiest pathway to obtaining permanent residency in Canada. You can learn more about the eligibility requirements of Atlantic High-Skilled Program, Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program, and other streams by contacting DM, the best immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada.

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      Application Process for New Brunswick PNP Program from Dubai

      So if you think it is New Brunswick Time, you need to apply for permanent residency in NB Canada through the following steps:

      Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) that demonstrates you meet the eligibility requirements for the specific stream you're interested in.

      The New Brunswick government will assess all EOIs and choose candidates based on the province's economic needs.

      Submit an online application for NBPNP nomination. Your application will be thoroughly evaluated, and if you're successful, you'll be awarded a nomination certificate.

      Attach this certificate to your application and apply to the Government of Canada for permanent residency via IRCC.

      Your application will be processed through the electronic management system, and the final decision on issuing PR visas rests with IRCC.


      New Brunswick Migration Roadmap

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Conduct an exploratory visit for at least five days Complete the IELTS test Be involved in day-to-day business activities Have a personal asset worth at least CAD 600,000, of which CAD 300,00 Complete the verification report within 90 days after receiving the invitation to apply (ITA) Score a minimum of 65 points out of 100 Submit a business plan and get it approved by the province
      New Brunswick offers an amazing lifestyle teeming with excellent education and better healthcare. Moreover, it also opens a pool of opportunities for skilled professionals to live, work, and settle in Canada. All of these attract immigrants to relocate to New Brunswick, the best province in Canada.
      • Administrative officers & assistants
      • Nurses and other healthcare professionals
      • Courier services and truck drivers
      • Physicians and therapists
      Is it easy to get a PR in New Brunswick? Getting a Canada PR from a Canadian Government via a New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program is easier since provincial nomination boosts your express entry score to be invited to apply for a Canada PR.
      Contact our immigration consultants in Dubai to start your New Brunswick PNP program. Our experienced ICCRC-registered agents can provide a clear blueprint on how to proceed with your immigration process.
      English and French are New Brunswick’s official languages, making Brunswick the bilingual province in Canada.
      New Brunswick PNP is a direct way to acquire Canadian Permanent Residence. The processing times can vary based on different factors. These may include the federal immigration department’s allocations, application volumes, and the province’s labour market requirements. Generally, the Government of New Brunswick takes approximately 3 months to process nomination applications related to New Brunswick’s provincial immigration programs. Following that, IRCC usually requires at least 6 months to process your application under the Express Entry streams and provide you with PR status.
      If you’re considering immigrating from Dubai to Canada, New Brunswick could be a great option. It’s the largest of the three Maritime provinces and provides a lower cost of living and plenty of job opportunities, and it is the only officially bilingual province in Canada. New Brunswick also boasts stunning natural landscapes, with numerous lakes and forests. Plus, real estate prices are some of the lowest in Canada, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a simpler lifestyle.
      Yes, there is an immigration stream in New Brunswick that is aligned with the federal Express Entry system. The NB Express Entry Labour Market Stream is considered an enhanced Express Entry stream. This stream provides candidates with an enhanced provincial nomination that awards 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. It increases their chances of receiving an ITA for permanent residency in a subsequent draw from the Express Entry pool.
      When applying for the PNP, applicants must include a Settlement Plan explaining why they want to live in the province and how they plan to settle. They also need to sign an “intention to reside” document. But, per the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, all Canadian citizens and PR holders have the right to work, study and stay in any part of Canada. Once someone becomes a Canadian permanent resident, they can work and live in any province or territory.
      Many organisations in New Brunswick offer services exclusively to newcomers. The government of New Brunswick and each province carry out many free programs to help immigrants integrate into the community. The services include housing assistance, job search, language classes, child admission, social activities, etc. DM Immigration Consultants also offers complimentary post-landing services to help clients settle in Canada after successful PR approval.