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Have you decided to migrate to British Columbia, Canada? Great decision! BC is one of the best provinces leading the country’s economic growth by welcoming skilled foreign nationals through BC PNP Program. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program allows the province to nominate skilled individuals worldwide to immigrate to the province and work there. You can get PR in 6 months after getting the provincial nomination.

However, the nomination process and getting a permanent residence permit in Canada can take time and effort. You will require professional assistance. DM is rated among the best immigration consultants in Dubai. As a trusted ICCRC-registered Canadian immigration consultant, we can help you with British Columbia Immigration from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Contact us today or schedule a FREE consultation with our consultants!

BCPNP Program Nomination Options

The BCPNP Program offers different immigration streams, divided into two main categories: the Skills Immigration stream and the Entrepreneur Immigration stream.

BC Skills Immigration

Foreigners with the required skills and work experience can be eligible to apply for British Columbia Skills Immigration. This program is based on points-based system and offers substreams like Skilled Worker, Health Authority, International Graduate, International Post Graduate, Entry Level, and Semi-Skilled Worker (ELSS).

BC Express Entry

Many BC Skills Immigration sub streams provide a fast route to secure Canada PR. To get eligible for BC Express Entry (EEBC), applicants must have an accurate Canada Express Entry profile, a validation code for job seekers from Express Entry, and a valid employment letter.

BC PNP Tech Pilot

It is a pilot program that caters to skilled foreign workers who want to work in one of high-demand tech occupations in BC. Interested applicants should check out the suitable streams available under BC Skills Immigration. Eligible foreign nationals are given priority access to the application processing through the BC PNP Tech Pilot program.

BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration

The British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration program allows eligible entrepreneurs to immigrate to BC and create businesses. As a first step, you will arrive in the province as a temporary resident and apply for permanent residency once you have launched a company that contributes to innovation and economic development. This program comprises three sub-streams: Base Stream, Regional Pilot, and Strategic Projects. To determine which stream is best for you, you can speak with our knowledgeable Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai.

Overview of Provincial Nominee Program British Columbia

The Provincial Nominee Program British Columbia is a joint effort between the provincial and federal governments, providing an opportunity for highly skilled workers in occupations that are in demand, according to the 2021 National Occupational Classification. It is the most preferred economic immigration program designed to meet the region’s labour needs by attracting qualified individuals. This program paves a pathway for entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, and in-demand workers to get a Canada PR to live, work, and settle in the country.
The NOC system in BC categorises occupations based on TEER (training, education, experience, and responsibilities). Qualified workers and accomplished entrepreneurs can benefit from this program to acquire permanent residency and settle in the bustling province with their families.
The program has two phases as part of the Canada-British Columbia Immigration Agreement. In the first phase, British Columbia authorities select and nominate individuals that support local government priorities and aid in economic development. Once nominated, you and your family can apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to become Canadian permanent residents. The province can shortlist you from the Express Entry pool, or you can apply separately to the BC PNP portal.

Features of British Columbia PNP

British Columbia is one of the most beautiful and diverse provinces in Canada. The province attracts more immigrants due to its strong economy, with more than 50% of the population working in the service industry. British Columbia’s economy is more diversified than most other provinces in Canada. It has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada, lower than even Ontario and Quebec.

Vancouver Canada, in BC, is the third-largest city in the country, housing many business headquarters. Its robust economy creates many opportunities for businesses and individuals. The capital city is Victoria, and the province’s economy focuses on a solid natural resources sector, with stress on forestry and mining. It’s a beautiful serene environment with wide-ranging forests and a unique coastal climate.
Canada British Columbia is a developing business center in Canada offering many job vacancies for skilled foreign workers. Home to leading universities like the University of British Columbia, it provides many opportunities for International students. It is always searching for Technology specialists and healthcare workers to fill Childcare
occupations & community service, workers.

The province issued over 1400 ITAs in separate British Columbia PNP draws during May and June 2023. In its latest draw on June 30, the province issued nearly 140 ITAs with a minimum score of 60 in the targeted draws of Tech, childcare, healthcare, and other priority occupations. The last general draw was held on June 13, 2023, with 170 ITAs. The minimum CRS score accepted was 87 for Entry-level and semi-skilled and 107 for International Graduates under the EEBC option.

BC PNP Points Calculator

For the BC PNP application, it is essential to understand how the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) works. This intake management system allows British Columbia to select candidates for Provincial Nomination based on their scores. To begin, you’ll need to register a profile, create BC PNP login, and provide information about your job offer in BC, work experience, language ability, and education level. The SIRS system is based on Expression of Interest (EOI) and Invitation to Apply (ITA). Registered candidates are allocated a total score of 200, and the government in British Columbia conducts periodic draws. Candidates who meet the minimum cut-off for their category in that draw are invited to apply for a provincial nomination.
The SIRS is influenced by vital economic factors, including:
Additionally, the candidate’s ability to settle in British Columbia is considered. Factors that influence this include:
Eligibility Criteria For Economic Immigration

British Columbia PNP Eligibility

British Columbia PNP eligibility requirements vary under different streams. Some of the general conditions are:

Documents required for British Columbia PNP

The following documents are required for British Columbia’s Canada PNP program to avail of permanent residence:

Documents Required

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    British Columbia government priorities remain on critical occupations, and strategic priorities are to fill labour gaps in various regions. Start your application today with us to avail of Canada PR and spend the best time in BC Canada. Migrating to Canada via BC Provincial Nominee Program can take time and effort. The candidate needs a thorough knowledge of the immigration process and professional assistance in paperwork and provide legal support. By choosing DM Immigration Consultants, the top immigration consultant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, you will get professional guidance from our ICCRC-licensed consultants. Through our experience and global network, we make the complex process easy and save you money and time.

    Application Process for BC PNP from Dubai, Abu Dhabi

    The application process for British Columbia’s PNP Canada program involves the following steps:

    Understand the application process and check your eligibility

    For Express stream, make a profile and score at least 67 points in the Canada Express Entry pool

    Select a suitable stream and send an Expression of Interest

    Create a BCPNP profile online for non-express entry, and wait for ITA

    If you match the local job criteria, possess work experience, required qualifications, and skills of in-demand occupations in BC, you will be granted an ITA

    Apply to IRCC for Canada PR, and attach the nomination certificate and other documents.

    IRCC will do a profile evaluation and issue permanent residence within six months


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    Frequently Asked Questions on BC PNP

    You can apply for a BC Provincial Nominee Program by contacting the province and submitting an Expression of Interest. However, applying for a Canada PR is not easy; instead, it’s a lengthy process with piles of paperwork. So, it’s always better to hire a professional Canada immigration consultant in Dubai who will take care of your immigration process and complete it perfectly.

    Compared to all the provinces participating in the PNP programs, British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is preferred mainly by immigrants.
    DM Immigration Consultants in Dubai are a team of authorized and ICCRC-registered Canada consultants who evaluate your profile and assist in successfully completing the Canada PR. We also help you achieve more points in the CRS ranking system to increase your chance of getting PR quickly.
    IELTS test result for English proficiency should be at least 4 points. We provide FREE IELTS training sessions with the best-certified trainers. DM Immigration Consultants in Dubai are the official partners with British Council.
    DM Immigration Consultants are an accredited association with IDP and have authorized testing centers to undertake IELTS Tests across all the branch offices in UAE. Contact us today to get more info.
    Once the province approves and accepts your nomination, you must proceed with the Canada PR application with IRCC. If you require professional assistance to apply for a Canada PR, get help from our ICCRC-registered immigration consultants in Dubai.
    IELTS is easy if you are well-versed in English. The IELTS exam assesses your listening, writing, reading, and speaking abilities in 3 hours. To get Free IELTS training, contact DM Immigration Consultant in Dubai.

    There are two streams available, and they are:

    • Skills Immigration Stream
    • Entrepreneur immigration stream
    Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) is British Columbia’s point-based management system for Canadian immigration. It helps the BC Provincial Nominee Program administrators to select higher ranked applicants based on their scores. The SIRS score is based on various economic factors that include – Job skill level in NOC, annual salary offer, job region in BC, and elements that affect the BC resettlement, such as English ability, relevant qualification, etc. The SIRS is based on the EOI / ITA. Registered candidates are allocated a total score of 200, and the government in British Columbia conducts regular draws. Aspirants who meet the minimum cut-off for their category in that draw are invited to apply for a provincial nomination.
    British Columbia usually accepts high SIRS scores but can take low scores in targeted in-demand occupations. In its latest draw on June 20, 2023, the province accepted a minimum score of 60 in targeted draws on Healthcare, Childcare, and other priority occupations. The latest general draw was held on June 13, 2023, with 170 ITAs. The minimum CRS score accepted was 87 for Entry-level and semi-skilled and 107 for International Graduates under the EEBC option.
    Generally, British Columbia takes 2-3 months to nominate applicants for the Express Entry and Skills Immigration streams. For the Entrepreneur Immigration stream, the processing time is typically 6-10 weeks from the registration date. If you apply for Canada PR through non-Express Entry system, IRCC usually takes 15 to 19 months to process applications from the provinces. The average processing time for the Express Entry streams is six months after getting the BC nomination.
    Entrepreneurship streams and the International Post-Graduate categories in the Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC (EEBC) streams don’t need a job offer. All other BC PNP streams mandate a legitimate job offer or a current job with a BC employer.

    British Columbia normally charges the following application processing fee for nominations: Registration for Skills Immigration streams: No fee

    • Skills Immigration streams application: CAD 1,150
    • Registration for Entrepreneur streams: CAD 300
    • Entrepreneur streams Application: CAD 3,500