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    Are you looking to settle in Canada’s Atlantic province? Consider the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) as an easy pathway to secure permanent residency. As a permanent resident, you can work, study, and live anywhere in Canada. You can apply for Canadian residency through the AIP Program Canada if you have a job offer.

    To immigrate to Canada from Dubai, contact our ICCRC-registered consultants in Dubai and check your eligibility. As a trusted and licensed Canadian immigration agency in Dubai, DM has already helped over ten thousand candidates worldwide achieve their immigration dreams. Our Dubai AIP Canada consultants can make your Canada immigration from Dubai smoother and more manageable. To begin the process for permanent residency application, schedule a free consultation with our consultants.

    Choose Your AIP Canada Program

    The AIP Canada Program utilises three distinct programs to recruit proficient foreign nationals. These programs include:

    High-Skilled Program

    This program is available to high-skilled workers who have received a job offer from a designated employer in Atlantic Canada. This program is designed for experienced management or technical professionals interested in obtaining permanent residence in Canada.

    Intermediate Skilled Program

    The Intermediate Skilled Program helps overseas workers with intermediate-level skills and specialised education in specific fields immigrate to a new country. To be eligible, the applicant must have a valid job offer from a designated employer.

    International Graduate Program

    The International Graduate Program is designed for international students who have just finished a graduate degree from an Atlantic Institution on an AIP Study visa. Qualified applicants can apply for Canadian PR without needing work experience.

    Overview of AIP Program Canada

    MCDII is a community-driven immigration initiative operated under Manitoba’s provincial nominee program. This strategic initiative between the Canadian city of Morden, Manitoba, and the federal government provides a straightforward pathway for skilled foreign workers to get permanent residence in Canada. To be eligible under the program, the applicants will need to qualify for specific strict criteria such as having two years of relevant work experience and being able to meet the necessary settlement fund requirements. MCDII is a program that helps to address labour shortages in the local market and add value to its economy. This Community Driven Immigration Initiative doesn’t need a job offer or family sponsorship in Canada. The candidate should have a Canada Express Entry profile, except for a few unique occupations, to be accepted for MCDII Canada. These targeted occupations are:

    The program is designed to help designated provincial employers hire foreign-skilled workers for specific occupations listed under the National Occupation Classification (NOC). These positions are typically those that locals need help to perform. The Atlantic provincial governments work with these designated employers to post job openings, and skilled professionals from outside Canada can apply on their websites to receive job offers and qualify for an AIP Canada Visa. Semi-skilled food and beverage industry workers are in high demand under the AIP program.

    Overview Of Canada

    How to Apply for an Atlantic Immigration Program?

    To apply for a Canada PR from Dubai through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, you need to comply with the following requirements: –

    Employers designation

    To be designated by the Atlantic Provinces, the employer must have a good standing record in business activities.

    Employer Position Endorsement

    For this, the employer must comply with the following:

    • They need to prove that they didn’t find any Canadian citizens to perform the job.
    • Hire a skilled foreign national to complete the work.
    • Provide a valid employment letter co-signed by the candidate.
    • Provide an individualized settlement plan co-signed by the skilled worker.

    Apply for a Canada PR

    To apply for a Canada PR, the candidate needs to:

    • Fill out the Canada PR application and sends it to IRCC. All the required documents and certificates should accompany the application form.
    • IRCC will process the applications, and it will take approximately six months to get your application processed. Once IRCC approves your application, the candidate can move to the Atlantic provinces.

    Features of Atlantic Immigration Program Canada

    The Atlantic Immigration Program is a fast-track immigration program that invites skilled professionals and their families to live and work in the Atlantic Canada region. It aims to address the labor shortage in the area by helping employers fill job positions they have been unable to fill locally. The program works together with the federal immigration program.

    To apply for the program, the candidate must have a job offer from a designated employer that meets the program’s requirements for a resident permit application. The employer will then request a referral letter for the temporary work permit of the applicant and provide training to get acquainted with the company and local area. Skilled foreign workers and international graduates can apply for permanent residence in Atlantic Canada under the program by submitting a settlement plan and certificate of endorsement.

    The Canada AIP is a more accessible pathway to Canadian Permanent Residency with fewer eligibility requirements than the Express Entry Program. One of the program’s main benefits is that it accepts lower skill levels, particularly National Occupation Classification (NOC) Skill Level B and Skill Level C. Additionally, the program has lower minimum language proficiency and education level requirements, with a high secondary education being sufficient for migration through the program.

    Eligibility Criteria for Canada Atlantic Programs

    To apply for atlantic immigration pilot, the employer and employee must meet specific eligibility criteria, which vary depending on the program. However, some general conditions apply, such as:

    If you fullfil all the eligibility requirements, you can apply for permanent residency under the Canada Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. A clear criminal record, healthy medical examination, individualized settlement plan, or one with additional family members are necessary. To proceed with your PR application, contact our experienced Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

    Eligibility Criteria For Economic Immigration
    Documents Required

    Documents necessary for Canada Atlantic Immigration Program

    The candidate requires the following documents to apply for AIPP Canada:

    Additional documents, if required.

    Marriage certificate (if applying with a spouse)

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      How can DM Consultants Dubai help in AIP Applications?

      The Canada PR process application can be complex, and you will need professional expertise for successful application via AIP. By selecting DM, the leading Canadian migration agency in the Middle East, you will get complete assistance in the entire process of the Economic Immigration Program to Canada from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Our ICCRC-certified consultants in Dubai will help you choose a suitable AIP program, assist in the application process, document arrangement, and offer free assessment services and provide additional services after approval.
      Whether you aspire to be a business immigrants, apply for a study permit to complete your entire studies for more extended periods. Get awareness about Atlantic immigration program jobs. To learn about the processing time, application processing fees, and partner processing fees, call our consultants today. We help to complete files of applications, create separate files of documentation and evaluate series files. We help to enhance the language criteria and update about various jobs by having information on AIP Canada Pages and AIP Canada Supplements.

      Application Process for Canada AIP Program

      Three are usually three stages for migration from Dubai via Canada AIP:

      Employers designation

      The Atlantic Canada PNP program allows certain provinces to select employers with solid business and economic performance in the Atlantic region. You can apply for endorsement and permit extensions as needed.

      Employer Position Endorsement

      The employer has to prove to concerned authorities that a Canadian citizen can’t perform a specific skill type. To hire skilled immigrants through AIP immigration streams, employers must generate an offer letter and become settlement service providers along with the job applicant.

      Apply for Canada PR

      Complete the Canada permanent residence application, pay the processing fee, attach all the relevant documents, and after review, send it to IRCC. The application process for a Skilled workforce takes around six months after nomination, and you must wait for approval before migrating to Canada.


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      Frequently Asked Questions on
      Atlantic Immigration Program

      Yes. The earlier launched pilot program in 2017 – Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program – was made permanent in December 2021 and renamed as the Atlantic Immigration Program. AIP bridges the labour shortages and boosts the economic development of the Atlantic Canada. Four provinces, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador, and Prince Edward Island, participate in the AIP.
      The AIP has simple eligibility criteria than Canada Express Entry and PNP programs. The important eligibility criteria is to get a job offer from a licensed company in one of the provinces in Atlantic Canada. The AIP accepts applications with work experience (NOC skill level C), and the language and education requirements are lower. There is no cap on age limits also. The applications for Canada PR are processed at a reasonable speed after getting the nomination certificate.

      The eligibility requirements of the AIP program in Canada are:

      • Valid employment offer from a designated company under the high-skilled or intermediate program
      • Diploma or degree certificate from a recognised institution under the International Graduate Program in the four regions.
      • Settlement plan in Atlantic province, enough funds, required language ability.
      The candidate needs the following key documents to apply for AIP Canada:
      • Employment or job offer letter
      • Post-secondary certificate from Atlantic Institution for International Graduate Program
      • Provincial nomination confirmation letter
      • Valid language assessment
      • Proof of funds and legit settlement plan
      • Character certificate from Police and positive health report
      You can apply online for the AIP program in Canada from the UAE. The application process involves the following steps:
      • The candidate with a job offer prepares a settlement plan with the employer.
      • The employer completes the endorsement application and sends the job offer in-demand occupation in the region and settlement plan to the provincial government.
      • The candidate submits an application for Canada PR to the IRCC.
      • Wait for IRCC approval and get ready to shift to Atlantic Canada.
      Application for permanent residence in Canada through the AIP may not require Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) document. The candidate needs a genuine job offer from a designated employer from one of the Atlantic provinces.
      After receiving the endorsement letter, the Canada PR process under AIP starts. To address gaps in the Atlantic labour market, IRCC prioritises AIP applications. Around 80% of the applications are processed in six months, almost the same as the Express Entry Canada processing time.
      The normal application fee for the Atlantic Immigration Program is CAD 1,365 per adult. It includes a CAD 850 processing fee and a CAD 515 fee for the right of permanent residence. The prices for the spouse are the same. If you apply for a dependent child, an additional fee of CAD 230 will be charged per child.
      There is no mentioned age limit for AIP Canada. However, eligible candidates aged 18-35 have a better chance of migrating to Canada. A candidate can expect to get PR even after 40 if you fulfill all the requirements.
      For a skilled foreign worker to be eligible for AIP, you have to get a valid job offer from a registered employer by AIP. You must apply for jobs with selected employers in Atlantic Canada to get an employment offer. Every Atlantic province in Canada publishes an employers list of who are authorised to recruit overseas nationals through the AIP.
      The language test results requirements in AIP are lower compared to other PR programs in Canada. Candidates with CLB 5 which are equivalent to IELTS band 4 score can also be nominated.