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    Benefits of Canada


    Canada Economic Immigration Consultants Dubai, Abu Dhabi

    Do you want a more straightforward way to obtain permanent residency in Canada? Consider applying through the Economic Migration Programs! These programs aim to boost the economy of the Atlantic region and rural areas by inviting immigrants and addressing the labour market’s shortages. These programs are ideal for those who need more points to be eligible for Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs and plan to settle in the Atlantic or rural areas. You can obtain economic citizenship in Canada if you’re eligible and contribute to the economy.

    Start today by applying for Economic Immigration to Canada from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE with the help of ICCRC-certified DM Consultants. We are the best Canada immigration consultants in Dubai and make your immigration journey simple and easy. The approval of your application will lead to Canada Permanent Residency, which allows you to work, study, and settle in the country.

    Choose Canada Economic Immigration Programs

    Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) provides various Canada immigration programs to attract talented, skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and international graduates who can add to the Canadian economy and become permanent residents. Canada Economic Immigration offers a straightforward pathway for candidates from the UAE to obtain permanent residency. Applicants with experience in the listed National Occupational Classification (NOC) that meet the labour market requirements of a particular province can apply under three categories: skilled occupations, technical occupations, management occupations, and skilled trades.

    Atlantic Immigration Program

    The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) is a program that offers permanent residency in Canada to overseas skilled workers and international graduates who wish to work and live in one of the four Atlantic provinces – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, or Newfoundland and Labrador. It was created to replace the previous Atlantic Immigration Pilot and allows employers to hire qualified candidates who cannot be found locally.

    Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

    It is an initiative to drive the economies of small communities in rural areas. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is implemented to spread the advantages of economic immigration to these communities by fulfilling Canada PR requirements for overseas skilled workers who want to work and settle in one of the participating communities. It provides a platform for foreigners to start farming operations in the region. A job offer from listed NOC that meets area-specific demands also sets the PR pathway.

    Morden's Community Driven Immigration Initiative

    Morden is a growing prairie city in the heart of Canada with plenty of opportunities to get involved in the booming growth of the community. Manitoba welcomes many foreigners through the MPNP and other programs, helping them settle into the local economy, education system, and community life. This Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative (MCDII) attracts globally skilled workers annually, especially technology specialists.

    Overview of Canada's Economic Immigration Programs

    Canada’s strong economy and diversified culture make it a popular destination for economic immigrants worldwide. The Canadian government designs federal and provincial economic immigration programs to invite or retain skilled workers, experienced professionals, businesspeople, caregivers, and indpendent and lower-skilled workers employed by the critical industries in Canada.

    Canadian immigration authority take Economic immigration on priority to help address critical gaps in the labour market across the country. Vacancies for jobs climbed to a record 997,000 in the second quarter of 2022, up 43% from the second quarter of 2021. The Canadian Government sets a plan from 2023-25 to bring more immigrants to the country to uplift the country’s economy from the COVID-19 aftermath. As Canada is now looking to fill the labour and skills shortages, they offer a wide range of immigration programs to help newcomers enter the Canadian job market. To get a Canada PR to live, work, and settle in the country, start applying for Canadian immigration with the help of our immigration and visa consultants in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi.

    Overview Of Canada

    Features of Canada Economic Immigration

    Canada is the preferred choice for skilled professionals to pursue their dream job and enjoy a high standard of living with better wages. It targets over 400,000 people from different nations who migrate to Canada to study, work and settle. The reasons why immigrants prefer to relocate to Canada are as follows:

    Eligibility Criteria for Economic Immigration Canada

    The purpose of Economic Immigration Canada Programs is to bring highly skilled workers and experienced entrepreneurs to boost the economy of that specific region in Canada. To qualify for PR in Canada through these economic programs, the candidate must fulfill the following selection factors to fetch a minimum of 67 out of 100 points.
    Other requirements:
    Eligibility Criteria For Economic Immigration
    Documents Required

    Documents Required for Economic Immigration Canada

    The documents required under various economic immigration programs in Canada vary. Some of the general documents for the Canadian PR process are as under:

    Marriage certificate (if applying with a spouse)

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      DM immigration consultants in Dubai work with certified Canadian immigration lawyers to make the process easier. Our ICCRC-licensed consultants in the UAE ensure your application gets the priority it deserves. We offer free consultation, evaluate your profile, and transparently explain the PR Canada process and cost. Our qualified consultants will help you with document arrangement and provide regular updates. We also offer free IELTS training sessions and assistance in ECA and groom you for visa interviews. Our team remains updated with the immigration to Canada latest news to avoid any last-minute glitches.

      If you wish to migrate to Canada from Dubai to create a better lifestyle, contact ICCRC-registered Canada Consultants in Dubai. We can make the entire immigration process hassle-free. Schedule a Free consultation with us to apply for a Canada PR from Dubai under Economic Immigration Programs.


      Application Process for Economic Immigrants from the UAE

      The application process for UAE residents for permanent residency in Canada through Economic immigration is as under:

      Education credential assessment

      Job search /resume marketing with designated employers

      Job endorsement

      PNP endorsement

      Visa application

      Additional steps will be involved to avail of permanent residency in Canada, depending on the categories. To know the application process in detail, call our consultants today.


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      Frequently Asked Questions on
      Canada Economic Immigration Programs

      IRCC offers many economic immigration programs which act as pathways for skilled professionals to secure Canadian permanent residence. AIP invites foreigners with employment offers in a particular Atlantic province. RNIP is for foreigners who mainly plan to start farming operations in rural communities and increase Canada’s economic growth. MCDII attracts skilled workers worldwide, especially in technology, to Morden City of Manitoba province.
      Economic immigrants are chosen from foreign countries based on their skills and ability to boost the economy in Canada. It includes professional skilled workers, entrepreneurs, provincial and territorial nominees, domestic workers, etc. Immigration of skilled workers increases potential economic output by enhancing the size of the quality labour force.
      Skilled Immigrants add to Canada’s economy by addressing labour shortages in the market and paying enough taxes. Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia, but the population is lower, comprising of many aging, retiring, people who can’t add to the economy. Skilled immigrants increase the population and add to the government revenues to help the country grow faster by solving skills shortages.
      Economic immigrants from various parts of the world benefit in the following ways in Canada:

      • Eligibility for permanent residence, which can lead to citizenship

      • Higher salaries, living standards, and work-life balance

      • Ease of business to expand existing brand or launch a new business

      • Career growth opportunities

      • More flexible labour market

      The candidates from India will have to satisfy the following requirements to get eligible for Canada PR: • A valid job offer from a registered employer

      • Same NOC work experience in professional, managerial, technical occupations, and skilled trades

      • Educational qualification as per requirements

      • Required age and adaptability

      • Proficient in English or French

      Yes. You can apply for more than one Economic Immigration program at a time to seek Canada PR. However, the educational qualification and paperwork varies according to the stream or sub stream and requirements of particular region. However, IRCC will approve only one application for immigration, and you must withdraw other applications before a decision is made. You will not get a refund for the application withdrawal, after IRCC begins the application process.
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