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    Australia Skilled Visa

    An Overview of Temporary Work Visa – TSS 482 Visa

    The 189 skilled visa is a point-based stream designed to attract invited migrants with specific skills to fill the labor shortages in the Australian community. If you have the skills to contribute to the job market, you will be eligible to apply for 189 visas to work, live, and study abroad in Australia. Once the visa is granted, you will be invited to enjoy the privileges of Australian Citizens and PR holders. With this skilled 189 visa from dubai, Abu Dhbai and Sharjah, you can able to:

    Key Features of Australia Temporary Work Visa

    The main aim of this Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482 is to fill the shortage of skilled workers in the Australian market by recruiting foreign labors when they cannot find an appropriately qualified Australian citizen. Working in Australia under a valid TSS 482 visa can lead to a pathway to Australia Permanent Residency. Employers can sponsor skilled professionals for this visa if they cannot find an Australian Citizen to do the skilled work. To sponsor the employee for a work permit visa, the employer must be a Standard Business Sponsor (SBS) or an Overseas Business Sponsor. While lodging the TSS 482 work permit visa application, you can be in or outside Australia.
    If an approved sponsor wishes to provide sponsorship for a skilled professional, they need to apply for an Employee Nomination with the Department of Home Affairs. Employers not eligible to become a sponsor should apply for a sponsorship first and then proceed with the employee nomination. Suppose you’re a skilled professional and wish to apply for a TSS 482 visa. In that case, you need to find an eligible employer to sponsor you to apply for a Temporary Work Visa Australia 482 from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and sharjah.
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    Different Streams of TSS 482 Australia Work Visa

    Australian immigration from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah programs offers immigration programs to attract skilled individuals to fill skill gaps in the country permanently. The General Skilled Migration program allows individuals to obtain permanent visas through family, state, or territory sponsorships or independent applications based on points. The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) specifies which occupations are eligible for Permanent Residence through this program. There are various options available for skilled individuals seeking an Australian visa.

    Short Term Stream

    This is for employers who wish to recruit temporary overseas skilled workers in any occupations listed on the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) for a maximum of 2 years or 4 years.

    Medium Term Stream

    This is for employers who wish to hire highly skilled workers to fill critical positions listed on the Medium- & Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) or ROL for up to 4 yrs with an eligibility to apply for an Australia PR after 3 years.

    Labour Agreement

    This is for employers who wish to recruit temporary overseas skilled workers in any occupations listed on the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) for a maximum of 2 years or 4 years.

    Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Temporary Work Visa Australia 482

    To be eligible for this visa, as a skilled overseas professional, you need to: –
    To nominate skilled professionals, the employers must adhere to the following criteria:
    Eligibility Criteria To Apply

    Documents Required to Apply for an
    Australia Work Permit Visa

    Applicants who apply for an Australia work permit visa must keep all the following documents handy.

    English Requirements For Temporary Work Visa Australia 482 from Dubai, Abu Dhabi

    The English language requirement for the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 482) is based on an International English Language Testing System. The IELTS score required is a minimum of 6 in each of four components: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

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      Applying for a temporary work visa in Australia for subclass 482 requires professional assistance. A certified Australia work permit visa agent can increase your chance of successful visa approval. At DM Immigration Consultants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah we take pride in assisting over 10,000 immigrants to settle in their dream country.

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      How to Apply for an Australia Work Permit Visa Subclass 482?

      If you are looking to migrate from Dubai to Australia and obtain a skilled visa, here are the steps you need to follow:

      Check your eligibility to apply for an Australia Work Permit Visa. Make sure:

      • Your job is listed on the consolidated skilled occupation lists
      • Proficiency in the English Language
      • Health insurance
      • Mental and physical health examination

      Find an employer eligible to sponsor you for the application for an Australia work permit visa subclass TSS 482. Employers can complete the sponsorship application process online by visiting the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

      Once the employer nominates you for the TSS 482 Australia work visa, you can apply for the work permit visa through the online portal DHA.

      The DHA (Department of Home Affairs) may take several months to approve your visa application. Typically, the processing time for a 482 visa will be between 5 and 9 months.

      Once the processing is done, your visa will be approved, and you will receive your work permit visa. And then you’re legally all set to work in Australia.

      Frequently Asked Questions on Work Permit
      Subclass 482 Australia Visa

      The Subclass 482 visa, also known as the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa, enables employers to sponsor international workers for up to 4 years. It enables skilled workers from outside Australia to work in occupations that are currently experiencing skill shortages in Australia. This visa can be either short-term or medium-term.

      If you are from a country that is not a member of the European Union and you want to work in Australia for more than 3 months, you need to apply for an Australian 482 Temporary Work Visa. Before you apply, it is important to know the eligibility criteria for this visa. Listed are Australia 482 Temporary Work Visa Eligibility Criterions:

      • Must meet occupation and English language requirements
      • Must have an employer willing to sponsor the visa application
      • Meet all applicable occupation-related skills and qualifications.
      • Undertake a job related to the particular field of work
      Applying 482 temporary work visa is an easy pathway to applying for a permanent residency. To discuss your Australia PR requirements, contact us today! We have a team of MARA-Certified Australia immigration experts who can assist you with your immigration process.
      You can sponsor your family to stay in Australia as long as your visa is valid. To get more information on TSS 482 visa application process, contact DM Immigration Consultants in Dubai.
      The 482 comes up to 4 years and can be renewed before expiry. Immigrants staying in Australia under this visa for more than three years will be eligible to apply for a Permanent Residency visa.
      Applicants must demonstrate their English proficiency with an IELTS test score of at least 5.0 with a minimum score of 4.5 on the test components – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. To improve your score on IELTS, join our Free IELTS courses in Dubai. We have a team of certified IELTS trainers who can train you with your IELTS preparation.
      For those applying for permanent residency in Australia, the Department of Home Affairs requires a minimum IELTS score of 6. The IELTS test is a well-recognised measure of English proficiency and is accepted by many professional organisations and accrediting bodies for both temporary and permanent residency.
      You will need to provide a range of documentation with your application, including proof of identity, evidence of your employment in Australia, and proof that you meet health and character requirements. In addition, you must have an approved nomination from an Australian employer or sponsoring business.
      The average time of your visa depends on the type you apply for. A short-term TSS visa is valid for up to two years, and a medium-term TSS visa is valid for up to four years. Both visas may be renewed as long as you continue to meet all the requirements.
      No, there is no specified limit on the number of hours you can work with this visa. However, it is important to remember that you must remain employed by your sponsoring employer during your stay in Australia.
      The processing time for this specific visa can vary depending on the applicant’s specific circumstances. Generally, it takes about two to three months from when you make your application until you receive a decision. However, in some cases, it may take longer.