Australia Global Talent Visa Subclass 858 from Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Work and Live in Australia permanently by applying for Global Talent Visa Subclass 858
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    An Overview of Global Talent Visa Subclass 858

    Do you have outstanding skills or achievements in a specific field that’s internationally recognized? Welcome to Australia! Yes, under the Global Talent Visa Subclass 858 from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, you’re eligible to stay in Australia permanently by availing of Australia PR. In the year 2021, Distinguished Talent Visa changed its term to Global Talent Visa to attract highly talented people who have achieved outstanding records in their careers. The visa allows the holder to live, work, and study in Australia. The main aim of this visa program is to boost the Australian economy after the COVID-19 pandemic. DM immigration consultant is a MARA-registered Australian immigration agency in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah can provide the support you need to obtain the 858 Australian Global Talent Visa. If you are eligible to apply for an Australia PR under this visa program, we are here to help you. Please send us an inquiry today or schedule an initial consultation with our experts who can assist you with the talent visa application.
    Australia Skilled Visa

    Key Features of Global Talent Visa Subclass 858

    With the ever-growing requirement for talented and skilled people, Australia is working towards bringing immigrants with outstanding skills & recognition that can help boost the economy. The Global Talent Visa program has been streamlined as the easiest pathway for skilled professionals to get an Australia PR to study, live, ad work inside the country permanently.
    With the Global Talent Visa, you can: –

    If you’re a talented professional and looking to migrate to another country to pursue your career with better wages, then the Australia Global Talent Visa will be the right choice for you. Check your eligibility to apply for a Global Talent Visa Subclass 858 by scheduling a Free consultation with our Australia Immigration Consultants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

    Select Your Preferred Stream of Australia Global Talent Visa

    The Global Talent Stream

    This subclass 858 visa is for high-skilled professionals and Graduates with international distinctions in any of the fields listed by the government. You must be inside the country when you apply for the visa and during its issuance.


    The Distinguished Talent Stream

    This subclass 124 visa is for internationally recognized athletes, academic researchers, and artists who have made an outstanding record in their field. You can be inside or outside the country while applying for a visa, but while it’s issuance, you must be outside the country.


    Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a Global Talent Visa

    To be eligible to apply for a Global talent visa, the applicants must comply with the following documents: –

    Australia Skilled Visa
    Document Required To Apply For Visa

    Document Required to Apply for an Australia Talent Visa 858

    Note: All the certificates and documents should be originally in English or officially translated into English before proceeding with the application.

    How to Apply for an Australia Global Talent Visa from Dubai?

    How Can DM Help

    How can DM help you with the global talent visa application process?

    If you think you might get qualified for an Australia Global Talent Visa, don’t hesitate to get in touch with DM Immigration Consultants in Dubai. Our MARA-Certified Australia Immigration Consultants can evaluate your profile to check your eligibility to apply for a talent visa subclass 858.

    With over a decade of experience, we have helped several clients obtain their visa and on over 10,000 approvals, we have done so far. We have the experience and expertise to make your immigration process easy. Schedule a FREE Consultation with us to learn more about applying for an Australian Global Talent Visa.

    Frequently Asked Questions on
    Australia Global Talent Visa Subclass 858

    The country with the most open immigration policy for global talent in Australia. In addition to being one of the most affordable countries in the world to live in, it has a rich and diverse cultural environment. Australia welcomes more than 300,000 global talents from all over the world every year. An Australian 858 Global Talent Visa is available to citizens of foreign countries and Australian permanent residents on a temporary visa who meet specific eligibility criteria that align with Australia’s skilled migration agenda. There are three key requirements for the program. The applicant must have:

    • A recognized occupation
    • A relationship with an approved Australian company, or Australian institution
    • Be nominated by an approved organization
    There is no mandatory requirement to take the IELTS examination to apply for a Global Talent Visa. After staying inside the country for 3 years, you can apply for a permanent residency.
    You can apply for a Global Talent Visa if you’re a skilled and highly talented professional and have an international recognition in performing sports, arts, athletes, and academic research. To check your eligibility to apply for a Global Talent visa, schedule a Free Consultation now!
    Applicants should be nominated by a sponsor who can be an Australian Citizen, Permanent Citizen, or an Australian Organization who have a presence in the same sector as the applicant’s skill set. Discuss with our experienced immigration agents to learn more on how to apply for a Global Talent Visa.
    The processing time for an Australia Global Talent Visa is 90 days. To start with the application process for a Global Talent & Distinguished Visa, contact us today! Our certified Australia immigration consultants are available to assist you always!