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    Australia Skilled Visa

    Why Australia Skilled Visa?

    Skilled Immigration Consultants in Dubai

    Are you looking for opportunities to work overseas in Canada or Australia? These countries are constantly seeking highly skilled foreign workers to boost their strong economies, and the best part is that you can stay permanently with your family. However, the eligibility requirements, arrangement of documents, and filling accurate details in the application can be complex, and professional expertise is required.
    That’s where DM Immigration Consultant in Dubai comes in – we are the best immigration consultant in the Middle East, working with experienced immigration consultants in Canada and Australia who are authorised by ICCRC and MARA, respectively. We can help fast-track the process for skilled workers like you and have successfully helped thousands of clients obtain approval.

    Choose your Country for Skilled Immigration from Dubai, Abu Dhabi

    Canada and Australia have developed a skilled occupation list that provides the list of in-demand jobs in specific provinces and territories of these countries, so if you have the required occupational skills, expertise, and academic qualifications, as well as business experience, you can achieve your goal of working overseas through Skilled Immigration from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. We at DM offer skilled immigration services in Australia and Canada.


    Canada is the second largest country in terms of area after Russia. It has numerous skilled immigration programs that offer permanent residency to applicants and their families. These programs include Canada Express Entry, Economic Immigration, and PNP programs. They are meant to address local labour gaps and add to the economy.


    Australia is a lovely Oceania country that offers the perfect blend of arts, traditions, varied cultures, and picturesque sights. Australia welcomes exceptionally talented foreigners and specialists annually to fill gaps in demand occupations and boost the already strong economy under numerous skilled immigration programs.

    Overview of Skilled Immigration Programs

    Canada and Australia have Skilled Immigration Programs to invite overseas professionals to fill labour shortages and contribute to the economy. These programs require specific eligibility criteria such as work experience, proficiency in English or another primary language, education credentials, age, adaptability, and other factors. Each country has various streams and sub-streams within the skilled immigration program that applicants can choose based on their occupation and educational qualifications. Skilled migrants make up a significant portion of the workforce in these countries, which helps boost economic growth and create more jobs. Skilled Immigration Programs are essential in uplifting specific places, territories, or provinces by providing skills and labour that cannot be found locally, increasing investment, and encouraging local spending in regional areas.

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      Features of Canada and
      Australia Skilled Migration

      Canada, despite its vast area, has a relatively small population. The Labour Force Survey Survey reported that in January 2023, employment in Canada increased by 150K (+0.8%), and the unemployment rate remained steady at 5.0%. The Canadian passport ranks fourth globally for its power, allowing visa-free travel to over 115 countries and a mobility score of 171. To be eligible for various programs in Canada, candidates require a valid job offer or necessary qualifications and language proficiency. Upon arrival, candidates must provide evidence of having enough bank balance to support themselves and their dependents.
      Australia is in sixth position in the world in terms of area, consisting of the mainland, Tasmania, and other islands, making up 5.2% of the world’s landmass. The Australian passport ranks fourth globally and 28th individually on the Passport Index, with a mobility score of 171. To be eligible for the general skilled immigration program in Australia, candidates must be below 45 years old, have a related occupation listed on the SKOL, proficient in English, and score at least 65 points. Some skilled programs offering permanent residency are Global Talent Visa (subclass 858), Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189), and Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190).
      Canada And Australia Skilled Migration

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Canada and Australia offer Skilled Immigration Programs that welcome immigrants with specific skills to address labour gaps and contribute to the economy. These programs also allow accomplished entrepreneurs and investors to migrate and start new businesses or expand existing ones, particularly in rural areas, creating job opportunities and boosting the region’s economy.
      Experienced workers with specific skills, qualifications, and training make valuable contributions to their country’s economy. Skilled immigrants, in particular, offer foreign labour that is often difficult for companies to find, adding value to the adopted country. Targeted occupations in these countries include scientists, medical practitioners, engineers, software developers, and teachers. Additionally, technical professionals such as plumbers, machinists, drafters, artisans, CDL truck drivers, crane operators, cooks, and accountants are in high demand.
      Who qualifies for Australian Skilled Migration? The General Skilled Australian Migration program is for people not sponsored by an employer (who have a job offer from an Australian company). Applicant must be above 18 and below 45 years old, with good English language ability, qualifications equivalent to Australian standards, and recent relevant work experience in skilled profession.
      Migration Skills Assessment is a process that assesses the skills of candidates who are applying for visas under skilled immigration with the Australian Department of Home Affairs. The assessment determines whether or not the candidate possesses the required expertise and skills for their nominated occupation listed on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) in a specific region or area of Australia.
      The Canadian government uses the NOC (National Occupational Classification) to describe different occupations. This list provides valuable information, including job descriptions and education requirements for various Canadian jobs. The NOC is also helpful for employers who need to create job postings and for government agencies to identify skills shortages in the Canadian job market. The list is updated every 5 years to ensure accuracy.
      Australia and Canada are considered among the top destinations for skilled immigrants due to many pathways for permanent residence. Both countries have robust economies, more extensive areas, small populations, and face skill shortages year around. They offer high pay, ideal work-life balance, career growth, advanced healthcare, and better education for children at affordable rates. These countries have a high quality of life, beautiful landscapes, and multicultural society which is welcoming toward immigrants.

      If you plan to apply for skilled immigration to Canada or Australia, you don’t necessarily need a registered agent to assist you. However, remember that immigration legislation and policies in these countries can change frequently. Also, the complex application process and document arrangement per required norms can land you in a fix. Therefore, to ensure a smooth and glitch-free immigration process, it’s highly recommended that you consider hiring a professional immigration agency like DM Consultants Dubai. Our guidance can help you navigate eligibility requirements and save time and money.