Candidates with Scores as low as 357 Receives an Invitation

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    Shocking!!! Federal Express Entry Draw in Canada takes a Diversion: 500 Candidates with Scores as low as 357 Receives an Invitation to Apply!

    The Canadian government, through its Federal Express Entry program, has issued a fresh 500 invitations to Candidates with CRS scores as low as 357. The shocking fact about this new draw is that all the candidates were selected from the Federal Skilled Trade category – the second time such will occur this year.

    Such category-specific draw is issued to foreign immigrants who have a recognized certificate that proves their craft in a selected skilled Trade in Canada or have secured employment in Canada together with other qualifying factors.

    The express entry pool has three main categories; the FSW, FST, and CEC. The FST is just a part of the groups, and many times, candidates are usually selected from the three classes. Perhaps, this recent draw is a deviation from such a trend, and this exception occur rarely.

    The previous draw was on the 2nd of October, which recorded 3,900 ITAs. Well, we have noticed some deviations in the draw trends this year, and it would not be a surprise to see higher ITAs being issued in the remaining weeks of the year.

    There are only about four or five draws to round up the year, and the high admission target might force IRCC to increase their intake. The graph below shows the annual ITA target and the corresponding ITAs that have been issued so far.

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    Various factors determine a candidate’s CRS score, notably among them include age, skilled work experience, language proficiency, education, among others.

    It would be noteworthy to mention that whenever there is a class-specific draw like we had yesterday, the CRS score is likely to drop drastically, most particularly, when it has to do with the FST class.

    The cutoff for the recent draw (357) is 107 points lower than that of the previous draw on the 2nd of October (464). The deciding benchmark for yesterday’s draw was set on the 4th of March, 2019, at 20:36:42 UTC.

    Therefore, federal skilled trades applicants who submitted their profile in the pool, on or before the said date, and whose CRS scores were beyond 356, will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

    Aside from the fact that such category-specific draws can result in a reduced CRS tie, provincial nominations, have, over the past few months, proven to be an alternative route for candidates with low CRS scores.

    Federal Express Entry applicants who can successfully secure a provincial invitation, have, in fact, boosted their CRS score by 600 points. That’s an automatic ticket to receiving an invitation to apply.

    Although you must note that, while some provincial programs consider the CRS score of their respective applicants in the Federal pool, some have opted to set their point system instead. Examples of such provinces are Manitoba and British Columbia.

    Let us consider a sample case study in yesterday’s draw:

    Jimmy is a 29-year-old plumber with a recognized certificate in plumbing. He has an average score in the IELTS English test and has been working as a plumber for over five years. Jimmy, however, has been to Canada for a certificate program in plumbing but does not have Canadian work experience. Hence, Jimmy’s CRS score of about 359 would be enough for him to get an ITA in yesterday’s draw.