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    RNIP to become permanent pathway for Canada PR

    Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP), which acts as a pathway for permanent residence in Canada, is set to become a permanent program after completing five years of trial. The pilot program was introduced in 2019 and was set to expire in February before getting an extension till July 31, 2024. Its success in supporting northern and rural economies will make it a permanent feature starting in August of this year.

    Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced the news in a press release this week. Another economic immigration program in Canada, AIP (Atlantic Immigration Program), became a permanent feature in 2022 after resounding success in five years as a pilot program.

    The RNIP has enabled 11 communities in five provinces—Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia—to attract immigrants who want to settle in these designated communities and help address the region’s demographic and labour concerns.

    Canadian immigration through RNIP requires a variety of personal and work experience-related eligibility requirements while also receiving a recommendation from a community economic development organization designated by the government.

    Eligibility for the RNIP requires a candidate recommendation letter from one of the designated communities, required work experience, and a strong intention to stay in the community and contribute for a long time. They must also meet the criteria related to their educational background, have a valid job offer, speak English or French, have sufficient funds, and more.

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    New immigration pilots for rural and French-minority communities

    IRCC also announced it will add two new immigration pilots across Canada– one for rural communities and another for minority francophone communities. According to a CIC news report quoting immigration minister Marc Miller, these pilot programs will help to bring and sustain foreign skilled workers in rural and Francophone minority communities, boosting their economic and linguistic vitality. Both the new immigration pilot programs are set to be launched in Fall 2024.

    Like RNIP, these pilot programs for rural and Francophone minority communities are intended for immigrants who can help address critical labor job shortages, want to live long-term in these smaller communities and increase their demographic weight.

    The Canadian federal department’s Francophone pilot program reiterates Canada’s focus on French-language immigration. IRCC has organized two draws for French-language candidates in 2024 until March 8, issuing 9,500 Invitations to Apply. In the other two category-based draws, IRCC issued a total of only 3,650 ITAs so far.