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    Permanent Residency in 2019? Check-out the Top 5 Developed countries to secure a PR easily

    Immigration, no doubt, has been one of the famous words in the global space today. Most notably, several people are seeking for countries that offer a better opportunity for living and resettlement.

    As we mostly know, immigration policies have dramatically changed over the years. About a decade ago, the US and UK were trending destinations for immigrants. However, as the immigration policy continues to evolve, here are the top 5 developed countries that you can easily obtain permanent residency in 2019.

    1: Canada

    According to a study by the US News and World Reports (UNWR), Canada is the most outstanding developed country in the world in terms of the standard of living. It was also ranked as the second globally, in terms of citizenship, and third, for educational advancement. All these, no doubt, are vital factors that influence the decision of every immigrant regarding their choice of destination.

    Canada has multiple immigration programs, and in the past few years, it has consistently issued permit to about 300,000 immigrants every year. Also, the country is pegged to reach an all-time number of one million immigrants by 2021.

    Among the several immigration programs in Canada, the Federal Express Entry program, established in 2015, is now the most popular direct route to PR in Canada.

    Other programs such as the self-employed person immigration scheme, caregiver program, and also, if you have a Canadian PR that can sponsor you. All these above will lead to permanent residency.

    Do you have the skills, education, and language fluency to migrate to Canada from UAE  as a permanent resident? Then make the right decision today to achieve that dream.

    2: Australia

    Australia is another country with a quality standard of living and flexible immigration policy. It is an excellent option for you if you plan to settle permanently with your family as residents.

    Judging by the standard of living, UNWR ranks it as the seventh-best country, and eighth in terms of citizenship accessibility to foreigners.

    The Australia PR program is a point-based system that allows skilled workers to live and work in the country indefinitely.

    Recently, modifications were made to the program to take effect from the 16th of November, 2019. To get more information regarding the application, kindly read on Australia immigration from Dubai.

    3: Singapore

    Singapore is one of the most developed destinations in Asia. The good thing about Singapore is that it has a friendly immigration website and process.

    Some of the frequent migration programs are the global investment program, student visas, employee visa, long-term visit visa, and other notable applications.

    Unlike Canada and Australia, Singapore does not have a direct program to permanent residency. However, living in the country as a temporary resident within 2 – 5 years can make you eligible, so far you satisfy other requirements. The country also has a speedy processing time for most of its visa.

    4: New Zealand

    It is relatively peaceful, and Best Country Survey ranks New Zealand as the ninth in terms of living standard, citizenship, and value for human rights.

    New Zealand immigration program occurs in a broad array. There are diverse categories to select depending on your plans, but the skilled worker migration program offers a direct route to permanent residency in the country.

    It is a point-based system too, and candidates need to score at least 160 points to be eligible for invitation. However, if you have a relative who can sponsor you in New Zealand, then, you do not need to go through the point system.

    5: United Kingdom

    The UK is home to opportunities with an exceptional standard of living and education. It is no doubt one of the easiest countries to become a permanent resident, satisfying other conditions.

    However, the recent development with Brexit and other UK ties have seen a recent strict change with the country’s immigration policies.

    Nevertheless, the UK has several options for foreign migrants; visit visas, work permit, student visa, and other broader programs to choose from depending on your qualifications.

    There is no direct route to permanent residency in the United Kingdom as a foreigner; however, a temporary stay for up to 5 years can qualify you to apply for PR in the UK.


    Finally, it would interest you to note that permanent residency does not come on a platter of gold. It is your responsibility to prove to your host country that you have the necessary experience and expertise to contribute to the growth and development of the country.