Latest Federal Express Entry Draw in Canada: CRS Score Drops as Another 3600 Invitations Was Issued!

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    Latest Federal Express Entry Draw in Canada: CRS Score Drops as Another 3600 Invitations Was Issued!

    On Wednesday, 18th of September, 2019, another set of the draw was conducted in the Federal Express Entry program, which resulted in the invitation of 3,600 candidates. These candidates can now proceed to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

    Based on the set benchmark, the least CRS score in yesterday’s draw was 462 – one point below the draw that occurred two weeks ago.

    The Express Entry system, through three categories (Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trade, and Canadian Experience Class), manages the invitation of skilled migrants into the Canadian workforce.

    Through the program, qualified candidates can indicate interest by entering their profile in the pool. Then, each file will be scored according to several factors, majorly age, education, English proficiency, skilled work experience, PNP invitation, and other criteria.

    Once the tie-breaking rule is decided, candidates who score above the benchmark will receive an invitation to apply for PR in Canada. The draw, on the average, holds every two weeks, and the tie-breaking rule for yesterday’s draw held on the 29th of August 2019.

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    So far, the total number of invited candidates this year is now 63, 400, just about 18,000 less than the projected 81, 400 ITAs for 2019 according to the graph below.


    If we carefully observe the trend, the last two draws have maintained two weeks interval. Also, the score for the recent draw slipped one point below the previous draw’s benchmark.

    Candidates whose profile are already in the pool but needs to improve their scores can decide to apply for PNP nominations. It is a means of enhancing their chances because a successful PNP is an additional 600 points to the candidate’s existing score.

    Besides, most of these provinces do not set a least CRS benchmark to be eligible; instead, they work based on the current occupation in demand as at the time of the draw.

    It is great to witness the recent changes in some of the provincial programs, especially that of Saskatchewan, where the occupation in-demand list was totality reviewed to accommodate more occupation.

    No doubt, there will be more invitations in the coming weeks, mostly from the provinces.

    A case study of a candidate who would receive an ITA in the recent draw is John:

    John is 30, a Master’s degree holder, and a business analyst for four years. He had an IELTS test and scored 8 in the four sections. Although John does not have any work or study experience in Canada, his estimated CRS score of 462 would have qualified him to receive an ITA.

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