Key to Unlocking Canada’s Future Economic

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    Immigration: a Key to Unlocking Canada’s Future Economic Success

    A vital tool for improving prosperity in Canada

    On the 24th of June 2019, the immigration refugee and citizenship Canada through its minister, Honorable Ahmed Hussein, has rededicated its commitment towards enhancing the growth and development of the Canadian economy via immigration policies and program that will increase admission of the best-skilled immigrants into the country.

    “Our populace is becoming old; to maintain the standards of the Canadian community, we need to invite more quality skilled immigrants and business investors that will decrease the labor shortages, and in turn, create job opportunities in the long run.” – said, Ahmed Hussen, the Minister of Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship.

    As from 2015, the country has consistently worked towards the effectuation and implementation of programs aimed at accomplishing the standards set by the Canadian advisory council on economic growth by:

    • – Establishing reliable long-term immigration programs that will devise a road map, which will aggrandize the number of immigrants that the country needs to replace aging and retired workers in the labor force.
    • – To adjust the skilled immigration programs through the Express Entry to allow more intake of professionals and international students to fill the skill deficit in the country
    • – Also making more improvement to the Global skills strategy immigrants’ program for investors to encourage global investment in Canada. These are Innovative quality enterprises that will be of great advantage to over 40,000 Canadian residents with an application processing time of two weeks.
    • – Improving and intensifying the impact of the Global talent stream, which in the past, has been exercised by over 1,100 Canadian employers to employ over 4,300 talented foreign immigrants.
    • – Creating a permanent startup visa program – over 300 entrepreneurs have partaken in the program, and it has resulted in the establishment of over 200 startups in Canada.
    • – Leading the Atlantic immigration pilot – a creative partnership program targeted at inviting, and making permanent, proficient foreign workers or international students that will foster the labor force demands of the Atlantic region. So far, about 1,900 employers partook in this program, and it has resulted in the employment of 3,700 foreign workers and international students who become permanent residents through the process.
    • – Also, by setting-up immigration pilot programs for the rural and northern communities in Canada – it will invite skilled workers, international students, and entrepreneurs to develop innovative business enterprises and workforce that will result to the development of these areas.

    Therefore, this is the perfect time for individuals who want to migrate to Canada from Dubai, as Canada remains devout towards inviting business investors, skilled foreign workers from various sectors of the world to fill the talent deficits, and provide a boost to the economic development of the country.