Does Express Entry Profile Expire? Find out here

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    Does Express Entry Profile Expire? Find out here

    Express Entry is a centralised application management system the Canadian federal government uses to invite candidates through economic immigration programs. These programs are the Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program. To find which express entry program is right for you, check out this previous blog for reference.

    Eligible candidates can upload a profile to the IRCC website with the help of registered immigration consultants in Dubai. They are assigned scores based on human capital factors such as age, language proficiency, educational credentials, work experience, and relevant occupation. These factors are combined to assign a final Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

    Candidates with the highest CRS scores are more likely to secure an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent resident (PR) status in Canada. If a candidate is issued an ITA, they submit their PR application to IRCC, which aims to process the application within six months.

    Candidates with a good CRS score may receive an ITA for Canadian PR, but many candidates miss out due to a lower score or whose profiles expire soon, and the system needs to save their information. According to CIC News, more than 2 lakh profiles are in the Canadian Express Entry candidate pool as of April 2024.

    Validity of Express Entry Profile

    Express Entry candidate profiles generally have a validity of one year, depending on the individual candidate’s profile creation date. As of now, if a profile expires within the Express Entry pool, and a candidate’s information will be lost, though IRCC might change this in the future.

    Therefore, if your profile expires, IRCC recommends creating a new one to remain in the pool. You can save the profile information or take screenshots for ease of re-entry.

    Creating a new profile within the Canada Express Entry is a simple process, similar to making an initial profile within the pool—however, there are specific rules for re-entry.

    Applicants cannot have multiple profiles in the Express Entry pool. If your profile is expiring, you must first withdraw the old one before creating a new one.
    Enhance your eligibility
    Enhancing the chances of getting an ITA from IRCC is a major consideration for those in the Express Entry candidate pool. Candidates within the pool who wish to improve their CRS score to boost chances of ITA are:

    • Improve official language ability in English or French. Immigration consultants offer IELTS and other language coaching to improve language and communication.
    • Enhance educational credentials by taking a short or vocational course in Canada or relevant country.
    • Secure an employment offer
    • Receive a provincial nomination;
    • Increase relevant work experience; and
    • Improve eligibility criteria to claim spousal points.

    To find out more about how to improve a CRS score, contact our expert immigration consultants today.

    In addition to increasing their CRS scores, applicants may also build their eligibility for category-based selections under the Express Entry system. These draws invite candidates primarily for their official language ability or professional experience in in-demand positions.