Canada’s Population Growth Surges Highest in 30 years

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    Canada’s Population Growth Surges Highest in 30 years

    Recently, Canada has eased its border restrictions and immigration policies. As a result, the country has seen the most massive population growth ever reported in 30 years. Since then, the government has been concerned about the population levels because they have exceeded the exceptional point. Canada’s population is expected to reach 39 million as of April 2022, representing the fastest population growth rate in the past 30 years.


    Population Spike in Canada

    Although some individuals would find the population expansion surprising, the Canadian government anticipated it due to the measles vaccination program to close the labor shortage in their population. Ontario and New Brunswick have had the most significant population growth and immigration rates of all the cities, with more than 15 million immigrants living in Ontario and 8,000 in New Brunswick, respectively.

    By 2024, the population growth rate in other Canadian provinces like Nunavut, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island is almost certain to exceed it.

    Immigration Plan for 2022-2024

    Canada’s strict immigration policy is known worldwide, and the nation works hard to uphold it throughout each operational term. Large-scale labor market demand forces Canada to relax its immigration regulations for 2022 to 2024.  This is not an impossible undertaking and is undoubtedly being prepared for with stringent methods, ongoing rules, and simple border limitations.

    Impact on the Canadian Work Policy

    The goal of Canada’s immigration policy is to increase the number of citizens who have permanent employment. Nevertheless, the nation claimed that over 28,000 temporary workers immigrated to Canada in the first quarter of 2022. Additionally, arrangements have been established for Canada’s permanent residents to find temporary employment there in order to extend their stay and increase their chances of settling there shortly.

    The high rate of aging and low birth rates in Canada have impacted the country’s policy of inviting immigrants. The nation could not anticipate the tremendous population rise, nevertheless. The labor gap thus created would be impossible to fill by the natives. Therefore, despite the substantial growth in the population, Canada continues to offer over 100 skill pathways inviting professionals to come and work in the country.

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