A Comparison of the Cost of Living in Dubai and Australia

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    A Comparison of the Cost of Living in Dubai and Australia – Australia Vs Dubai

    When considering a move to a new country, the cost of living is always a major factor in the decision-making process. Australia and Dubai are two popular destinations for foreigners, but Australia Vs Dubai which is better? And which one offers the best value for money? In this blog post, we will compare the cost of living in Dubai and Australia to help you make an informed decision.

    Australia Vs Dubai – Comparison of the Cost of Living

    • Accommodation

      When it comes to accommodation, Dubai offers varying levels of cost depending on the area you choose and type of home. The average rent for a Dubai one-bedroom apartment in the city centre is around AED 6,400 (AUD 2,150) per month. In Australia, the overall cost of renting an apartment can vary greatly depending on location and size, but the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is AUD 1,800.

    • Food

      Eating out and groceries are much more expensive in Dubai than they are in Australia. For example, a meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs around AED 40 (AUD 13), while in Australia it would only be AUD 9. Similarly, basic grocery items such as eggs and milk are cheaper in Australia with prices ranging from AUD 3 to 5.

    • Transportation

      Public transport fares in both Australia and Dubai are relatively affordable, with a single ticket costing AUD 6 in Australia and AED 5 (AUD 1.70) in Dubai. However, car ownership is much more expensive in Dubai due to the high price of petrol and vehicle registration fees.

    • Utilities

      Utility bills such as electricity, water, gas and internet are generally cheaper in Dubai than they are in Australia. A basic electricity and water bill for an average family of four can cost around AED 400 (AUD 133) per month, compared to AUD 250-300 in Australia.

    • Taxes

      Australians pay a top personal income tax rate of 45%, while Dubai residents do not have to pay any income taxes at all. Furthermore, there are no taxes on capital gains, inheritance or wealth in the city.

    Overall, when it comes to life in Australia vs Dubai, it is clear that living costs in Dubai are lower than those of Australia overall. Is Dubai better than Australia? Well, this does not mean that one should automatically choose Dubai over Australia – both cities offer great opportunities for expats, and the choice will ultimately depend on your individual preferences.


    When comparing the cost of living Australia Vs Dubai, it is clear that Dubai offers lower accommodation costs, cheaper utility bills, no taxes on personal income and capital gains, and more affordable transportation. However, food prices are generally higher in Dubai than they are in Australia. Ultimately, the choice between the two cities will depend on your individual preferences and budget. No matter
    which city you choose, you’re sure to have a wonderful experience.