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    3,600 Candidates receives an ITA in the latest express entry draw on Monday (12th if august)

    On Monday, the 12th of August, 3,600 candidates in the Federal Express Entry pool were invited for PR in Canada. The minimum benchmark was 466. The latest benchmark score is seven points higher than 459, which was the lowest point in the previous draw.

    As we know, the Canadian Express Entry system is an online Comprehensive Ranking-based pool that assigns a specific score to every candidate based on their profile. Vital elements of such profile include the candidate’s age, education, fluency in either English or French (or both), relevant work experience, and some other elements.

    The draw can occur in two, three weeks, or even a month, depending on the discretion and selection criteria of IRCC. Afterward, the body will invite selected profiles whose scores have surpassed the minimum benchmark.

    The IRCC decided the yardstick for the latest draw at about 12:14:53 UTC on the same day.

    What does this imply?

    It implies that every candidate who is in the pool, whose profile would not expire within the next three months, and have the least score of 466 are on their way to becoming permanent residents of Canada.

    Sequel to this, the total number of invitations issued since 2015 is now 52, 600.

    All the invitations issued since the 10th of July, 2019 has remained at 3,600 per draw – a rise of 250 from preceding draws that took place between the 30th of January to the 26th of June.

    It is then projected, that if IRCC continues with the recent trend of 3,600 ITA per draw, then, it would exceed a total of 89,800 at the end of the year. The highest it would record so far.

    As we had reported in previous draws, that prolonged periods between draws signals a likely rise in the score. The same case is what our team has observed in the latest draw. A 3-weeks interval saw the standard rising to 460.

    On average, each draw occurs in two weeks. So, if it exceeds that, then, it gives the IRCC enough time to get more candidates with higher ranking profiles.

    Nevertheless, we look forward to many ITAs this year because Canada has a target for the federal Express Entry programs and PNP for 2019 and 2020. So, applicants who have a low score on the pool can diversify their opportunities by applying for a provincial nomination program.

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    Majority of these provinces have continued to issue invitations to lower-ranking candidates lately with recent activity taking place in Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.  As previously reported, Alberta draws on the 24th of July, issued invitations to candidates with a score as small as 303.

    Therefore, PNPs are another compelling alternative for lower-ranking applicants to improve their score.

    “Considering the time, it took for the latest draw to take place, it is not a surprise that there was an increase in the CRS benchmark.” Said Dipthi Nair, Regional Manager Operations at DM-Consultant.